Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Agility #6

This monday evening yet again we were very lucky and missed the thunderstorm. Just as our class finished it came down again just like the week before. It was a great class and we started learning the jumps with front crosses and rear crosses. Zack seemed to enjoy the jumps and thought his new "food container" was the best thing ever!!! Towards the end Zack's focus wandered a bit but I was truly happy with him - he seems to like it so far!! yay.

Yesterday was my birthday and my husband got me a lovely bracelet and took me out for a wonderful lobster dinner. It was divine. Even Zack,Cuddles and Asia managed to get me this cute card which was so nice. Had a great day anyway --- other than the fact I am a year older. That sucks.

I am up this morning at 4:45 a.m. to go and be a "buddy" for a friend who is doing boot camp. Today she can take a friend so we are doing the sugar bowl down and back up the stairs etc. together. Crikey, what was I thinking. I was thinking I better burn off the gazillion calories I ate and drank last night for my birthday. Anyways, better go and get sweaty (or not as it's friggin cold and wet out there).

Zack's favourite day today, it's daycare!!

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