Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Walk with Zack

On the weekends I always take Zack for longer walks. Yesterday was no exception. It was so nice out I thought I would do my 10km loop from where I live in Riverstone to behind the University down the coulees into to the river valley, under Whoop Up Drive and back up bull trail (that is the red shale trail you see up the coulee to the right of Whoop Up if you are heading west). I first walked Zack to the University grounds so he could get his "gopher fix" as there are millions of the little critters there. He was in gopher heaven. On we went behind the University and down the coulee to the river valley.

Then we got to bull trail. I call myself in fair shape as I walk lots, however, I hadn't done bull trail in a while. It is approximately 1 km long with a 300 ft incline. Zack and I started our way up. After we got about 1/3 of the way up the hill and completed the set of 30 stairs I started to huff and puff. Zack was still trotting back and forth on his extendilead with no sign of any effort, while I was plodding one foot after another. At this point I wished Zack was an Alaskan Malamute so he could pull me up the rest of this neverending hill. I wonder if Zack was wishing I was an athlete and could get her fat ass up the hill a little faster. Either way we both made it to the top with me coming off alot worse than Zack - I was definitely sweating like a weight watcher in a cake shop!!!

It was worth it though. I turned and looked at the river valley and it was so green and lovely. Quite the view. It was a good hike and I think I finally may have tired Zack out just a little as as soon as I opened the door he laid down frog legged on the tile floor.

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