Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Great Escape

One evening last week Pete and I were over at Riverstone pond fishing. I came home early at about 9:00pm and left Pete over there. I had just settled down to have a cup of tea and watch some TV when I heard a couple of bangs in the back yard. I thought Pete was coming through the back gate so I thought nothing more of it. About 1/2 hour later Zack was whining at the back door (again I thought it was Pete). I went to let Zack out and he bolted to the end of the garden and lo and behold out popped Asia, aka "Fat Cat" from behind the bush all puffed up. I was shocked, Zack was shocked and god knows Asia was shocked (her fur looked like she had put her paw in a light socket!) She is an indoor cat so what was she doing outside!!! I initially freaked, grabbed her and took her inside thanking god she didn't run away. Don't know how she got out but she did. I assume those bangs were her taking leaps at the fence but missing (out of shape cat that she is ahaahahaha)

However, since then I may have created a monster. If you haven't seen Asia she is close to 20 pounds (very fat). She doesn't move very fast and waddles around - literally. After the great escape incident, I thought I would start letting her in the back garden with Zack if I am out there to watch her because there is no way she can jump the 6 foot fence and the exercise would do her good. Now she thinks this is the best thing next to a full food dish and howls constantly, and I mean howl, scream, holler as soon as you get up in the morning - "let me out, let me out, let me out!". Crikey what have I done !! ahahahaha.

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