Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Agility/Rally Obedience

Monday night was agility class. It is great practicing and learning new things that will benefit both Zack and I when we move to the next level agility class which includes learning the equipment. I haven't done agility for probably 15 years and there is definitely alot I have forgotten and new and better methods. It's like schooling a young horse, there is alot of ground work that needs to be done before moving along to serious training - which I think is a great way to start in any sport. In class Zack was still very much focused on the ground at times so I am going to buy a little food treat container and new tug toy I can put treats in, then switch them around to keep his interest. I can't wait to continue with his journey in agility. I hope he loves it once we get going.

Since finishing our Rally Obedience classes I have definitely "slacked off" with my training. It's amazing how much classes motivate to train, etc. If I am ever going to be ready for the trial at Spruce Meadows at the end of July (which is my goal) I am going to have to get my butt in gear and practice with Zack. I did manage to print off all the signs from the internet for Rally (thanks to Amanda for the link) and will get them laminated. Luckily in my backyard I have a large concrete area where I can practice so I have no excuses. Hopefully we will be ready, but if not, I am not going to rush things and will just wait til November when there is a Rally trial at the Lethbridge Dog Show and enter Zack into that one.

Crikey, that reminds me, I haven't got my CKC registration back yet. I guess everything hedges on whether I get that back in time. Hopefully it will not be rejected this time around.


onecollie said...

oh you have to go to Spruce Meadows!!! I just entered Kort yesterday, Sat. & Sun !!! Would love to see you guys there!

HEDDY said...

Give it a go If Heddy and I can do ot you guys will be fine. Go read her blog
and read the ups and downs of our first try. BUT we Qualified and had fun and are back in class getting ready for our next go at it.

WigglyZack said...

As long as I get my CKC registration I think I will put Zack into the Spruce Meadows trial then for both Saturday and Sunday. If anything, it's a good practice anyway and a lovely facility. I have been there many times for the horse shows. Oh no, horse poop smells!!! Zack will be in heaven LOL!!!