Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gone Fishing

On Saturday evening Pete and I went fishing at McVinny Reservoir just past Picture Butte. Of course, Zack came along too.

He is not really a "water dog" and has never gone in and swam yet. He is getting braver though and starting to get his feet wet. Was he looking for those pesky fish?

There were monstrous mosquitos out there which cut our evening short as I was being eaten alive but not without taking Zack for a run. There is a path that ran round the top of the reservoir which we took. Oh boy, new smells, new place, long grass,goose poop, critters and fish, what more could he ask for. I reckon he had a good time ahahahahah.

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Sarah said...

Jane could show Zack how to fish, it is her favourite pass time :)