Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crazy Woman

Last night after work I took Zack out for his usual walk. I decided to take him across the fields in between Riverstone and Paradise Canyon where I can let him off leash so he can have a run. Zack was having a great time. About half way across the field Zack ran through some mud....then he found the puddle..... this initiated full blown zoomies....round and round, faster and faster, the muddier and wetter he got, the more he zoomed. I was in stitches laughing, crouching down, jumping up, hoot'n and holler'in and egging Zacky on. It was hilarious.

Just as we were ready to move on a giant bumble bee, and I mean the size of a bloody chicken egg came after me, so there I was screaming, flailing my arms and making mad dashes in erratic directions all over the field. Zack thought this was a great game of chase.

When we continued on I realized that from a distance Zack cannot be seen. The grass is now long with all the rain and he is pretty much invisible unless you are right there with him. Blimy, that means anybody who saw me from the field, building site, road or wherever, probably thought I had escaped from the assylum, lost my marbles and gone completely doolally!!!

Geesh. What we do for our dogs. LOL!!!


Paws on the Run said...

LOL! I'm always egging on Lacey at the park too (Coulee doesn't need encouragement), but only after I've looked around to make sure we are alone. ;)

onecollie said...

oh no, not completely doolally!!!, your expressions make me laugh as much as your posts!