Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crossed Legs

Every lunch hour I come home to spend time with Zack and let him out for a pee, etc. etc. Yesterday did not go quite to plan. I was driving my husband's old truck (as mine was in the shop) and decided to run a quick errand, stop for a subway sandwich and then head home for Zack. When I got home, Zack was standing in the window beside our front door doing his usual enthusiastic wiggle and leap wiggle and leap when I realized I don't have a key to the front door as I have my husband's keys. I had left my keys at the shop with my other car. Crikey (actually I was saying much worse than that by this time!!) I quickly rang Pete but he didn't have a spare key, all this time Zack was just so anxious as he could see me but I wasn't coming in to let him out. He had started to whine a bit so I went back in the truck out of view and started on my way back to the dealership to get my house key from my other car that was being fixed.

On the way over there I realized I must have left my subway sandwich on the front doorstep or something as I couldn't see it. Typical. Then while driving the old truck round scenic drive the knob on the gear shift popped off, what the f***!! I panicked then stalled the truck in the middle of traffic. I then realized I could drive the funny stick thingy with no knob so on I went shifting gears with a stick!! By the time I got there and stopped the truck I was able to pop the knob back on, got out of the truck - and hey, there was my subway sandwich. I had sat on it all this time. It was as flat as a pancake, all warm and squished. My big ass makes a perfect panini press that's for sure!!

I quickly grabbed my keys and drove home and finally was able to let poor Zacky out who peed like a race horse. Poor thing. I was only able to spend 5 minutes with him as I had to get back to work. Crikey what a lunch hour.

Luckily today I have my car back and Zack is off to daycare this afternoon.

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Paws on the Run said...

I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time but I had tears running down my eyes when you found your sandwich. Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh!