Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fishing Trip

Today we went to Police Lake Provincial Park with our boat for a day of fishing and Zack of course came along too. He is getting used to the boat now and has found his "sea legs".

It's a beautiful spot out there and Big Chief Mountain is always in view.

Later in the morning we met up with Pete's friends on the lake. They had a cute little 4 month old American Eskimo pup but she didn't think much of Zack she was a feisty little thing and was ready to see Zack off.

How could she not love this little face?

I saw my first ever loon in the wild today. Two of them swam right past our boat and made that haunting noise as they went by. It was awesome, although I had to quickly grab Zack's life jacket handle as he was ready to leap overboard to get them!!! Crikey!!

Zack definitely takes every sight and sound in when we are out fishing.

Which makes for a tired puppy.

He "conked out" immediately once we got in the truck to head home.

As I am typing this blog I feel I am still bobbing up and down as though I was still on the water!!! Bit queezy actually. LOL! I wonder if Zack feels the same way?


onecollie said...

Zack is a seriously cute dog!!!, I love the picture of him in his life jacket just sitting there, gosh he's a good dog!
The picture of the loon is beautiful, I would see them all the time at my aunt cabin in Ontario.
Saw Zack on last nights news!, did you catch it??

WigglyZack said...

He is really good in the boat now. Took him a while to get used to his life jacket - he sulked when I first put it on, but now he just doesn't seem to mind it - which is good. I did see him on the news albeit briefly.

Paws on the Run said...

He looks so cute in his life jacket!!

marley said...

Hee he, that's great face my pal