Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Off Night

Tonight was our first rally obedience practice in about 2 weeks and both Zack and I both had an off night. Maybe it was my nerves tonight that Zack picked up on as our first trial is not far away now. He was soooo "not with me" and didn't even seem to want his usual rollover treats, however, Amanda's "new" treats seemed quite tasty to him. Hmmmmmm.... is he playing with me?

On the flip side, Zack did do some great stationary sits, downs, etc. He even did a stand stay which I was really thrilled with. It is his heeling I have trouble with. I try to keep upbeat and coax him on but tonight he just didn't feel like doing it. I guess I must remember too I have a terrier who are independent thinkers and when they don't feel like doing something they just don't do it.

My other concern was whether Zack was feeling "a little off" tonight as he was unusually quiet. I will keep my eye on him. Zack does have occasional health issues and I am so vigilent about signs of a bout coming on. Fingers crossed it is nothing.

Our first rally obedience trial is in two weeks and I am both excited and anxious about it. I just have to remember to have fun - that's what it is all about - especially for Zack. I want him to have a blast and enjoy all the doggy hoopla.

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Bode & GOO said...

Yeah interesting that they do pick up on our tension. We have just decided to pack in Conformation Obedience and head towards the rally sport as probably more interesting for a BT. They are not bred for mindless repetitive stuff like straight obedience. Am sure Bodie is thrilled at this decision. He loves his tricks and treats. GOOD LUCK next week.