Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zack is Back

Pete and I left last Friday and went to Kimberley BC for a few days to get away for a holiday and also visit with Pete's family. It was a great vacation.

Zack stayed in Lethbridge with his BFF Dylan. I understand Zack was very well behaved while we were away which was great news as he is a busy little guy. He got lots of walks, love, treats and was spoiled rotten I am sure the days he was there. I thought I would post a picture of my husband Pete, Zack, Dylan and I that was taken not too long ago.

It was lovely to get away but I am glad to be home and glad Zack is back. Asia (aka Fat Cat) ran to Zack as he came in the front door this afternoon and proceeded to check him out all over - I think she missed him too!!! It was so cute.

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marley said...

Ello Zack. I ope you had a good oliday. I had a nice time at my farm.