Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day

July 1st is Canada Day and a National Holiday. I think most people were at the Park to take in all the free entertainment this afternoon - including Zack, Pete and I.

Zack loves attention from everyone big or small

or black and furry

or from his pal Izzy the Pug.

There was a dog agility demo put on at the park by Go DogZ Go from Lethbridge. This is the club Zack and I are training for agility with so I had to be there to watch what "might be" for Zack and I in the future.

This one was all bark and fluff LOL!!

Little Izzy the Pug did brilliant for her first time out at a demo - Way to Go Izzy

Two for one. This is Pixel & Wicca who are owned by one of Zack's agility instructors.

This collie is Kort and he looked lovely. Jolene (Kort's mum) works at the Doggie Daycare where Zack goes once a week.

It was a great demo and good afternoon at the park.


onecollie said...

great pictures Lisa!!! The last 2 dogs are Taylor & Nitro...glad you had fun, next year Zack can come & play too !!

marley said...

Wot a brilliunt day. I ope you did notiss that my alter=ego #flatmarley was in Canada for canada Day