Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Finally Meet

Last weekend my husband had another 1/2 marathon run at the river bottom in town here and lo and behold who did we meet for the very first time......but another border terrier!!!! It was a such a fluke meeting. Never met another border terrier in town ever since getting Zack and now here he is.

Meet Griffin, the cutest 10 month old BT puppy. We figured out he is the one we had seen running with his mum a few weeks ago along the road here in Lethbridge and his dad was running in the same 1/2 marathon as my Pete.
The dogs hit it off of course and it was hard to control two wiggly BTs. It's true it must be a border trait as Griffin was as wiggly and wild as Zack was at 10 months.

I broke the news to his mum that it doesn't change as they get older LOL!!!

It was so great to see another sweet Border Terrier and I am sure Zack knew he had met his own kind. Griffin had a woolier coat than Zack but they were so alike in their mannerisms. Hopefully we will meet again.

As always, I remembered the dogs name but can't remember the humans.


marley said...

Hurray! How pawsome for you to find a buddy in your town. That will make for some fun for sure. We met a couple of new local BTs on our walk at the weekend....but then we are in the middle of border country and fairly near a breeder!

onecollie said...

how cute is that !!!!