Monday, July 11, 2011

The Chase

I have to be really careful where I let Zack off the lead because he is a terrier and he has a thing for bunnies....whenever we are out in the fields he is well aware of where we are and keeps his eyes peeled for the little fluffy things.

The other night was no exception. He was checking out all the bushes

Then without warning a bunny ran and so did Zack. When Zack is chasing he screams bloody murder - it sounds like someone is killing him not the other way round LOL!!

Luckily this time the bunny ran under the fence and got away.

He hasn't caught one yet and hopefully never will!!!


Paws on the Run said...

You really need to check out an earth dog practice!

marley said...

Hmmm, Lola cort her second bunny at the weekend. It was a nasty incident...screamin and wailin.....I dussnt recommend it

bodie said...

Goose does the catchin and killin thing quietly, while I bark alottus and sound the alarm But I don't actually do nothing - its not in me to be chasin and shreddin stuff. Wierd aye.