Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Award from Marley

Thank you Marley, Zack is honoured to receive this award. We are a hard act to follow as your blog is the best ever!!! Anyways, the seven things you may not know about Zack is:

Zack doesn't like large bodies of water, only getting his tippy toes and at most his woolly knees wet

But he loves running through the sprinklers and playing with hoses in the back garden.

Poor Zack hates to wear his winter gear and sulks until we get out and about, wished he knew it is a must when it is 20 degrees below zero.

Zack is not doing very well in agility classes, his mind wanders and he lacks focus, he even fell off a piece of equipment last week. Yikes. But he is a tough little bugger and was just fine and carried on.

Zack has now started to snore when he's asleep, it's quite funny

Phew, he also toots pretty good and leaves smellies regularly - must be a White for sure!!! Who me?

Zack is not keen on greek yogurt but he loves the carton!!

Now I have to pass it onto to seven of my blogging friends, and they are:

Have fun everyone.

1 comment:

marley said...

Very intrestin stuff Zack....I agree wiv you about the water. I do up to the knees at the very most and prefer not to ave anyfing to do with it...