Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Agility Update

I was happy with Zack at his agility lesson last week and he seemed to have more fun too - he seemed alot more peppy!!. He seemed to focus on me a little better and that is all I can ask for at this stage. He didn't wander as much and it's an improvement and that is good. I used ground chicken as a reward and that seemed to help keep his attention. He was not perfect by a long shot but better and that is all we can strive for a little improvement each week. I have been working with him at home trying to motivate him with different things and one thing I found worked is an empty water bottle with Zukes inside - he seems to love the odd Zuke treat.

We are now starting to work on running contacts and to make Zack learn to go to the bottom of the obstacle we started to use the hoop. Firstly, Zack decides to jump over the hoop LOL, then me being such a clutz knocked the hoop over and spooked Zack so to compensate my instructor let me bring a hoop home so we can practice and build up Zack's confidence. I put it at the bottom of our deck stairs and Zack has been going under it really well and he goes under it on the grass too. Hopefully at class this Thursday he will forget about the mishaps from last week.

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marley said...

I refuse to go between Willium's legs when he waits for me on our walks. I trot up to him....and go round! BOL