Friday, January 20, 2012

Fat Cat - Update

Our vet appointment went well on Wednesday, although Fat Cat was a screaming challenge the vets managed to get a blood sample from her and give her her examination without giving her any sedation. Her blood sample was sent away to have a complete senior panel test done and today we got the results. Luckily nothing serious showed up. Her results were good, liver, kidneys, etc. all good, except she is in the early stages of hyperthyroidism. Luckily hyperthyroidism is treatable but there could be side effects to the medication so for now as she is asymptomatic the vet recommends no treatment at this time. I am to watch for certain signs of the disease progressing and then further blood work and possibly treatment would then be required. I am so relieved it is not her organs or diabetes and at least hyperthyroidism is manageable.

The vet did find that poor Fat Cat has two bad teeth (of the total of 6 that she has left) that are bad and need to come out. She is now booked in for Jan 30th to have her last two back teeth removed. Poor thing. That is probably why she has been a "little off" lately.

Pete, Zack and I are off tomorrow for our weekend at Lake Louise. Whoo hoo!!!

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Constance said...

I'm glad things checked out well for Asia!