Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Foster Dog

Meet Taco. I have become a foster home for Windy City Canine Rescue for this little sweetheart. She was rescued from the streets of Cuba and then through the rescue organizations came to Canada. She looks like a giant chihuahua and is about and inch or so taller than Zack.

Zack and Taco have become friends already and she is a great little dog.

She would make a wonderful addition to the right family. If you are interested please contact


Paws on the Run said...

I thought maybe she'd already be adopted by now... wink, wink.

lifewithmydogs said...

She looks like a sweet little girl. Hopefully she finds a nice home soon!

Tegan said...

Is this your first introduction to fostering? If so, welcome. It's addictive. :)

marley said...

Oh, you is so kind to be doin fosterin. Well done. We saloot you. I wish we had some room for dat ere but mum say is bizee enuff wiv dogs.