Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vets Today

Blimy is -35 with a -46 windchill this morning. Unbearable.

Of course I have a vet appointment today so I will have to venture out of the house in this cold and take Zack & Asia in. Zack is just going in to have his titre test done to make sure his immunity levels are good and if they are low, have a booster vaccination.

Fat Cat is going in for a thorough check up. These last few months I have noticed a couple of things with her and she has lost a bit of weight (yay) but I have not changed the amount of food I have been giving her and occasionally she sounds "chesty" or when she meows she sounds like she has lost her voice on and off. She eats fine and seems happy but at approx. 10 years old I want her to have a complete check up just to make sure nothing is going on. Trouble is from being such a cuddly affectionate cat at home she turns into this nightmare feline monster at the vets. Every time I have been in the past she has been put in the "cat bag" at the vets because she is so awful and gets so stressed poor thing. This time they had told me they may have to sedate her in order to do a complete exam and also to take a blood sample so that they can do a senior panel on her to make sure all is well. I am thinking it is nothing serious but want to make sure. Hopefully it is just normal aging and nothing to worry about.


marley said...

Oh deer, poor old fat cat. I ope it go ok for you all.

onecollie said...

hope fat cat is ok !

Dianne SS said...

Of course, titres only show recent exposure. Just because a dog has low titre levels doesn't mean that he doesn't have immunity. Memory cells are the ones that store the immunity, but there is no test for memory cells--as yet. Booster vaccines are entirely unnecessary and could cause problems the more one gives. Good luck with Fat Cat!

Paws on the Run said...

Hope the visit to the vet went well. LOVE the new header pic!

lifewithmydogs said...

The new header photo is awesome!