Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lake Louise Weekend

I apologize in advance for this longer than normal blog but I just couldn't narrow it down anymore than I did. Anyways, here goes.....

It was a long ways to drive for a one night stay but oh was it worth it. It was everything I imagined it to be and more. The weather was perfect and the scenery spectacular.

We stopped in Canmore on the way to Lake Louise for lunch and went for a walk along the river

I love Canmore.

When we got to Lake Louise there was so much more snow there it was amazing. The temp was only about -10 so it was wonderful. As soon as we got there we made the most of it, we put Zack's boots on and started walking on the frozen lake and taking in all the scenery and Chateau. Zack became a bit of a celebrity as we got stopped many times by people from Australia and other parts of the world so they could take a photo of Zack. They said they had never seen a dog with boots or even a coat on before as where they come from it doesn't get that cold!!!

The international ice sculpting competition was going on this weekend so we got to enjoy all the amazing sculptures. This was just one of them - a castle on the ice skating rink on the lake.

Chateau Lake Louise is a pet friendly hotel and Zack made the most of it. I have never been to a hotel that treated dogs so well. There were dogs everywhere - it was great. There was a huge dog bed in the room and shiny new dog bowls just for Zack. The extra cost was only $20.00 to have the dog in the room - amazing. Dogs were allowed everywhere except the dining room (which is fine of course). As dogs are not allowed to be left alone in the rooms they even have a dog sitting service where someone will go and sit with your dog in your room if you want to go somewhere without them.

The scenery all around was beautiful.

We did some more walking along the snowy trails. There was so much snow but it was so pristine and lovely.

Sunday morning we went on a sleigh ride. Our horses were a team of percherons.

Zack of course came on the sleigh ride too - see so pet friendly - brilliant. I think all Zack was thinking about was whether the horses would poop or not and hoping he could get a little nobble of one!!! I could see him sniffing the air when the horses got gas - it was hilarious!!!

The sleigh took us to the end of the lake to see the mountain of ice. There are actually people up there ice climbing. The black specks are the ice climbers. They must be crazy!!!

Chateau Lake Louise was an amazing place to stay even if it was just for one night but if I was rich I would definitely go again for longer that's for sure.

I think this is Zack's thank you face to my wonderful husband for such a great Christmas gift.


marley said...

Wow, wot a brilliant weekend you had my chums. It look bootiful. I like Zacks outfit too, very dashin. Woof

mags said...

what a lovely post thank you for sharing :)

Isabelle said...

Wow!!! that looks like an amazing time you all had. Some other hotels have a lot to learn from Chateau Lake Louise. Zack looks so fine in his boots! love and licks from Mr Mo x