Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Run

Saturday morning we were all up and out early as my husband Pete had another run to do. Zack knew something was up and was all whiny and raring to go.

He waited quite patiently before the run started or was that cuz I had cookies in my pocket!

Once the run got underway Zack and I headed off in the opposite direction down the river bottom for a good walk. The sun was in and out and with the hills there was lots of shadows and then sun and for some reason Zack was spooked. He was growling and snorting on and off at things and he was actually starting to freak me out - I was thinking there was a coyote, skunk or some crazy person in the bushes

So what did we do but go down the path into those bushes - I must have been mad but I knew the runners would be around sooner or later and I tend to overreact at things to put it mildly LOL

Zack soon settled down and started to enjoy his surroundings and I started to relax too. It was nice to go down the river bottom for a change and into the nature reserve.

We saw Pete running by a couple of times on his route and we cheered him on - Zacky too was screaming his head off as Pete ran by he just goes ballistic - quite embarrassing actually.

We went right under the high level bridge - it always amazes me how they built it. As the run went on the sun came out and it turned into a gorgeous blue sky morning.

After walking over 5km Zack and I took a bit of a break and waited for the runners and Pete to come by on their final stretch of the run

As Pete came by this last time I handed Zack over so he could run with Pete the last 1/2 mile - he was so cute.
Here's Zacky the runner cuz ya know this blog is all about him!!!!


lifewithmydogs said...

Looks like great fun for zack!

marley said...

Great runnin my pal. I ope dad appreciated your input. Lola likes to go runnin but not more than about 3 miles. She is lazy like that. I am willin to coach runners for miles an miles...from the sofa.