Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Wind!!!

Last Sunday I took Zack out for his run in the field near my house but the wind was blowing like a hurricane. It wasn't too cold it was just crazy windy.

Zack's face says it all LOL - yep, wind blown

As long as it is not -30 degrees Zacky still has fun even in the strong wind

He couldn't help but stop to check out the burrows or holes in the ground

After about an hour it was time to go back home. Good job Zack has that wiry coat to protect him from all the long grass and weeds whipping in the strong wind.

I just don't know why he just didn't take the nice path like I did!!!


Paws on the Run said...

I swear I heard a ground squirrel the other day!

lifewithmydogs said...

Great photos! Zack looks like he actually enjoys the wind!

marley said...

Woof, dat looks very windy. I dont like the wind cos it ruffle my beard and i spend ages groomin it.