Monday, February 13, 2012

Fat Cat Setback

After Fat Cat had her dental surgery a couple of weeks ago she seemed to be doing well other than a bit of an upset stomach due to the change of food initially. Once she was eating again she seemed fine and so we changed her back to her normal food again as the canned was giving her diarrhea. However, last week after her meds stopped poor Fat Cat started vomiting although she was still eating (of course LOL). She hardly ever pukes so it was very unusual and she developed oozing sores on top of her head. I was worried she had an infection seeing her antibiotics had finished and so I took her back to the vet. They gave her a thorough check up and thank goodness her temp was normal so she didn't have an infection. The vet figures that just with all the stress of everything and the change in foods etc. has irritated her stomach and so they gave her an anti vomiting injection and an long acting antibiotic injection for her sores on her head. Last Thursday when I brought her home Fat Cat was hiding and acting really weird but thankfully Friday she was feeling much better and those shots seemed to do the trick and she is definitely back to her normal self now, no more vomiting and she is howling for food both hers and Zacks. She went back for a final check up today at the vets and was given the all clear. Yay!!!

I have always said I was a dog person. I love cats but they are just well "different". I have realized this past few weeks that Fat Cat is not like any other cat I have owned before and I just love her to bits and I don't know what I would do if anything happened to her. She is one special cat.

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marley said...

I ope Fat Cat be doin ok still. I am sure she be quite tuff.