Monday, February 6, 2012

Beyond Basics Class

Zack and I have been attending a dog class called beyond basics once a week for the past four weeks and it has been lots of fun. It is a class that concentrates on distraction training, shaping and tricks. We have learned many new things and even a new trick. Now Zack can do a "head down sad". It is so cute and I will have to get a photo of that!!! It was fun teaching him that trick and I plan to do more.

I found out tonight tho that Zack still doesn't pay attention to me off leash he totally ignores me in class and I have a hard time getting his attention. It almost makes me feel like he "couldn't care less" if I was there or not. I must have done something wrong along the way and I want to change that. I always feel I am upbeat and happy but Zack doesn't see it.

We play with him lots at home but always with food or a toy or something and we learned tonight in class that "you" have to be " the toy" and so I plan on playing games with Zack just him and I and see what happens.

We have been advised that a real live chicken will be coming to class as a distraction at some point so that should be interesting for sure LOL!!!


onecollie said...

ah yes...the old "be the cookie for your dog " been there, learned that !
And the chicken blew poor Kort's mind, he could not think at all !!!!

BODIE said...

Dog bless that poor chicken. lol

charlene and Storm said...

be the cookie eh, i will have to do a bit of that then. we have started having play fights together where i tap him round the face and he bites at me and he even knows to stop when i tell him now or i could end up getting eaten :)
my husband is a pro at it, with our first dog they had play fights together and im certain Deefa loved him more for it but i couldnt join in with him as he was a bit big and ruff for me.

manymuddypaws said...

you've done a great job with zack! He is a good boy who does try hard- when the motivation is there. ;) The trick is to teach him that sometimes the reward is you. I'm confident that you'll figure it out! He's a playful guy- you just need to figure out what makes him tick!