Friday, February 24, 2012

Worry Wort

This last week or so Zack has been walking away from his food again on and off. He eventually will go back or eat it later that same day or wait til the next morning - but he eventually eats it, it just takes him a bit longer. He normally eats as soon as I put his food down so it is a little unusual for him not to eat it right away. Zack seems fine tho, runs round, plays and seems normal. He has not had a bad bout with his intestinal cramps since last October and nothing seems to be wrong with him so why does it bother me so much? Could there be another round of belly troubles brewing? I hope not.

I know other dogs do this all the time (don't eat) and there is nothing wrong with them and Zack has had so many tests and check ups and there seems to be nothing wrong with him either but it still gets to me. I hate it when my dog doesn't eat as it brings back the horrible memories of him as a puppy.

I have never been able to forget the Vet Specialist in Calgary telling me that Zack had cancer cells in his blood when he was sickly and it always plays in the back of my mind even though after Zack had his bone marrow biopsy it was all clear and we were given the A OK.

Why am I such a worry wort over Zack just skipping a meal every once in a while?. It just doesn't seem right when he normally eats that's all. Do other people get so concerned or is it just me? May be it's because all of the dogs I have owned in the past, my Cavaliers and my sheltie (age 3) all died prematurely of serious chronic health issues.

It isn't as easy as changing Zack's food to something else he might like as that could cause a whole serious of other issues with his belly so unless he shows signs of being sick (which he doesn't right now) we will just carry on and just let him eat at his own pace I guess.

I need to quit worrying so much!!! Geesh I love my dog.


lifewithmydogs said...

I think it's just human nature to stress about things. Don't worry, I do it all the time with my dogs! Especially if one doesn't eat! (Though I've never in my life seen Lucy off her food...) :P

Paws on the Run said...

You aren't alone! I think as soon as one thing goes wrong, we start to worry about everything. You have no idea how much worrying I do about Coulee and by comparison, how little I do for everyone else because they have always been healthy.

marley said...

We will be keepin an eye for Zack too cos we dussnt want any problems for him. We was gonna suggest he was just bored wiv his foods cos we do that sumtimes and a change elps but I see that this can cause problems.

Kolo Martin said...

We hope you are OK Zack! Are you just playing it cool? Lots of HUGS HUGS HUGS for you!

Dennyboy said...

My BT is 9mths old and we have had a game and a half to find food she likes. Even now she NEVER eats it in ne go and will keep going back to it. However if there is human food or doggy treats in circulation she will eat for England

Just think hes fickle really

marley said...

I haz canvassed opinions on twitter my pal and most is sayin either chnage foods or pick up after 10 minnits if not eaten and he will soon lern not to ignore it....ope that elps.

WigglyZack said...

Thanks for all the advice I appreciate any feedback. I do pick up Zack's food after about 5 minutes and never leave it down. I just try again later in the day. Luckily today he has eaten both meals - fingers crossed he will start to be "normal" again if that's possible.

BODIE said...

Sometimes Mum doesn't feed us for a whole day to give us a "clean out". She only does that once in about 3 weeks though thank goodness. Hope Zacky is feeling better now.