Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zack the Popular Pup

Friends of ours from the UK who live round the corner from us got a little bichon x pup called Archie a while ago. He is cute as a button and is now about 6 months old but is a little scared of dogs as he hasn't been round them much until now. On our usual walk last night round the neighbourhood I hear my named being called and lo and behold it was Caroline running down the street after me calling me to bring Zack in to see Archie. Zack being his usual social self was all over the place and little Archie didn't know what to think. Zack did all the usual crouching with bum in the air wanting to play and Archie so wanted to join in but was unsure. Whenever Zack got too close tho he would nip at Zack but would then start to follow him. Zack is so good not to overwhelm the pup and is very gentle even when the pup takes a nip he just rolls over or ignores him. After a few minutes Archie was coming round and I think we are going to be getting them together more often to help little Archie come out of his shell.

Archie is scheduled to attend the same doggy daycare as Zack and I am sure that will help socialize little Archie as well.

I know when Zack was a pup, Zack had Dylan the Labradoodle who helped him with some of his issues and now maybe Zack is paying it forward helping other young pups along the way. I am so thankful for such a sweet natured little terrier.

I am not saying Zack is perfect as he did go through the occasional issue of meeting big dogs on a leash - he would occasionally lunge at them but we seemed to have worked through it with our latest dog class, beyond basics - thanks to Amanda. He had several big dogs get "in his face" in class and he was so good. So far we haven't had any more problems.

Zack is truly a popular pup.


marley said...

Oh mum...of corse Zack be a good role modle!!

manymuddypaws said...

Zack will be a great friend for Archie!! Had i known that they lived around the corner I would have set up a meeting long ago. Archie needs some help in the confidence department for sure!