Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morning Cheer

This was Molly's first Christmas with us and I think she was a bit overwhelmed, but she soon figured out it means lots of fun and goodies….  

She just had to watch Zack with his new ball within a ball with flashing lights to boot!!!

I think it was a hit.  He loves to shake it and throw it around so the lights start flashing.  He never stopped all morning :)

Molly's new toy was also a hit with Zacky - he was a bit of a hog with all the toys

so as usual Molly sneaks them away and hoards them in her kennel.  She is so funny.

Zack (well Molly too) got a new octopus squeaky toy, so there was lots of tugging 

with me 

and with Molly

and then just me and Molly (I just love her stubby little leg)

Well Fat Cat's Christmas morning was just like any other she rolled over and waddled  from one spot to the other

although she did make the best of all the paper,  and the boxes were her favourite resting place.

The dogs were so tired from all the excitement and playing throughout the day that when we had company over for Christmas dinner they were on their best behaviour and slept most of the night.  Zack didn't even have the energy to give anyone a quick frenchie.     Hope everyone's Christmas was a great one. 

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marley said...

Appy Crimbo Zack my pal…an yoo too Mollee….is grate to ave been yore pal agane for a ole yeer….wishin yoo all da best