Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Coldest Days Ever!!

This last week the weather started with a blizzard and then frigid cold temps of -46 wind chills.   It has been awful for us and the dogs.   No walks or anything for the dogs as it was too cold - which means keeping them busy has been a challenge.

They have been really bored.  

We got all the balls out for the dogs to have some fun.   Zacky still loves his tug of war.

With or without Molly

Molly often runs off and hoards the balls in her kennel, she is so funny

Zack was just left with his chuck it, but he didn't seem to mind and played fetch for ages and has me well trained to play fetch too.  As soon as the ball goes under the couch he whines and whines until I get down on my stomach to fetch it out for him.  This went on over and over.

This afternoon it warmed up to a balmy -12 so I thought I would take the dogs out for a walk.  Everyone got into their winter woolies, boots and all.   Molly was just fine in putting on the boots and ran round the house thinking it was great which was surprising :)

Zack was not so happy with the whole winter gear thing until we go outside then he forgets about it.

We went half a block and one of Molly's boots came off so we came back to the house to put it back on (I think her legs are too short to wear them LOL) , then she put on the breaks and didn't want to go anymore so I didn't want to force her and left her back at the house.

Zack and I met up with Paisley the poodle and Constance and we went for a great walk together albeit not too long as it was still pretty chilly in the wind.   It was just nice to get Zack out in some fresh air.

This next week it is supposed to warm up a bit more so hopefully we can get little Molly out too.


marley said...

I dussnt like to say Zack my pal but yore furst mishtake do be liven in Canner-der….much warmer here in da UK…just sayin

BODIE said...

Zack theres a place for you in the All Blacks. You n yer boots.