Saturday, December 7, 2013


We have had Molly now for 6 months and over that time we have had lots of ups and downs but mostly ups.   She has come so far and is pretty much a normal dog today, so happy, bouncy and cute.

When we got her she was matted, had sore feet, her ears were well disgusting and she had to go on medication for her skin as well as other problems she had.    Over time, she got better and we have spent many hours desensitizing her to the touch and being handled, her feet, ears, etc.   Got her used to being groomed and she is coming along great.    Some days I even forget she is even a rescue dog as she seems so normal.

But every once in a while I think Molly has little flashbacks of her previous life.   For example, with the  extreme cold the last couple of days Molly took just a second too long to do her business in the garden and her feet froze.   I saw her hobbling in the snow trying to cross the yard so I went out to pick her up to get her in and she had a panic attack.  She freaked out when I got near her.   I am not sure if she associated the pain and discomfort she was feeling in her feet to humans - I am not sure, but it was sad.

This time of year makes you think of how thankful I am to have her and that she doesn't have to live like she did anymore.  


BODIE said...

Shes a lucky wee girl now.

onecollie said...

awww poor baby :(
yes like Bodie said, she is a very lucky girl now, with time she will forget all the horrible things that happened to her in the past

marley said...

Oh deer Mollee my pal….I wisper dat yoo be safe now is dussnt need to wurree no more….