Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week Walks

Some days there was snow and others there is not depending on when I took the photos.   This day we went out there was still some snow on the ground but it was becoming quite patchy, especially where they are building.  

It was great for walking the dogs as there was great traction and no falling on the ice like I did the other day walking round the roads.   

Any time Zack gets to run off leash he is a happy boy.    He still manages to sneak in a poopsicle every once in a while.  It is quite the sight seeing me running through the snow drifts stumbling as I go, only to get there when Zack is eating his last morsel of  shit or  he runs off with it.   Either /or my language is quite foul by this point, but Zack doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

Molly isn't quite so bad with the poop thing, she just loves to run about.   I swear she is as quick as a rabbit and a couple of times she has scared me as to how far she was away from me.  Luckily she comes back but I am going to work on that more in the future so my heart doesn't skip so many beats

They are building new houses over on the fields so there is a lot of mounds of dirt around.   The dogs loved running up and down.


and over Molly

Zacky takes flying leaps off the mounds of dirt - he was having a blast.

Since these photos were taken, all the snow melted, but then we got another lot  of snow.   I will do more posts of our Christmas walks as I have more photos to share.   


BODIE said...

Luckily Molly has her coat on or you'd lose her in the white.

marley said...

Hazzin fun I see my pals….is wot Chrismuss do be all abowt…woofhoo!