Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This Happens Every Time

It's war between Zack and the snow shovel.   I am sure the neighbours think we are killing him considering all the shrieking and screaming that comes out of his little whiskery chops.

This is him getting ready for the attack

I wish you could hear as well as see these pictures as it was bad, like really bad

hollering bloody murder

he dives in for the kill.  He literally grabs hold of the shovel and I have to watch I don't hurt him.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Molly totally ignores it and would rather be inside in the warm than take on that giant metal shovelly thing

She took quite a liking to the watering jug though that we use for the Christmas tree :)


marley said...

I dussnt like to critty-size Zack my pal but I finks dat Molly haz da best plan….is too cold for beeb owtside

BODIE said...

We can imagine the hollerin but we can't imagine living in snow. Is like living on the moon to us.