Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Morning Walk

Zack was ready for his walk this morning.   He was giving me the look, come on let's get going…..

So our morning walk was a cold one.   There was a biting wind and the ice pellets felt like needles hitting the skin - it wasn't fun.   However the dogs didn't seem to mind as I went across the grass park as the walking trails were all iced up  in places and made it hard to walk.  They had a blast running around and scoffing deer poop at every opportunity - little buggers. 

Everyone who reads my blog must remember how Zack is with rabbits, well this past little while little Miss Molly has got a thing for Magpies.   We have been doing lots of "leave its" and trying to distract her away from her black and white enemy.   It is an ongoing process as the Magpies are everywhere in our neighbourhood and I swear they tease her and egg  her on.   We will keep up with our training tho as I love the Magpies and hope there will be peace between them in 2014.

Zack has been so patient when I am training Molly.   It is a challenge when you walk two dogs together and try and train the other one.    Molly is good at heeling when she is on her own but when they are together she likes to pull.   Finally this last week we have had a breakthrough and I have got both dogs heeling beside me.   Zack has been great and really patient when it comes to heel training with Molly.   He is so good about it.  I think Molly is finally catching on.   Their reward for heeling well for a while is to have freedom again on the extendileads so they can sniff around and "be dogs".

When we got home from our walk I came through the back gate and the dogs went mad.   I didn't have my camera initially which is too bad as Molly went mental and crazy chasing Zack round the garden.  It was so funny --- those little stubby legs are mighty fast and Zack nearly got his bum nipped on a couple of occasions.   He has an amazing talent to tuck it in and turn at the last minute LOL.

Zack enjoyed playing for a bit and digging in the snow banks.

It's amazing what he keeps finding in the snow.  Many balls have been recovered lately.

Molly gives it her all to chase the ball or kong but it doesn't last long, she just looks at me then and watches me throw it for no reason LOL

Once inside everyone warmed up , Zacky cuddled with Fat Cat 

and Molly was on the couch with the dogs' Christmas blanky

It is supposed to snow a lot again today with bitter wind.  I am glad we went out when we did as it may be a lot worse later on.   I think for nowI am going to have a nice cup of tea and some breakfast.  

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marley said...

I did 6 yeers and Lola dun 5 years wivout eelin wunce Zack my pal......yoo must haz bigger brane my pal