Sunday, May 30, 2010

We're Back

We got back today from our weekend getaway to Canmore/Banff to meet Pete's sister who was there for a conference. It was a great weekend, albeit we saw all kinds of weather. We dropped Zack off at Hot Dogz Kennel on Friday morning. It was the first time I had left him at a kennel and I did have a few anxious moments.

This was him as we left. I don't think he knew what was going on although he was soon running around his kennel so we then just left him to it and got on our way. It was really hard for me to leave him.

It was a great place tho, he had a dog flap where he could go outside to a dog run and his own bed in his kennel.

Once I was away from Lethbridge knowing Zack was in good hands we had a great weekend. Did lots of walking around Banff/Canmore. The scenery was just stunning and changing all the time due to the rain/snow/sun that we had. There were quite dramatic skies at times.

Banff Springs Hotel was really stunning although we didn't stay there. Big money required!!

We stayed at Rimrock Resort which was lovely and woke up to snow this morning.

After having a wonderful breakfast in Banff, we headed home this afternoon to pick Zack up. Surprise surprise I guess Zack made friends with a white Jack Russell called "Buster" when he was in the kennel. They were playing together when we arrived to pick him up. He was having a blast with that little Jack. I think Zack lives life to the fullest even if it is in the kennel. I wish I had his attitude towards life. It made me feel alot better knowing he was having fun when we were away that's for sure. I was relieved and glad to be home. Zack wiggled his way into the house tonight so I think he was happy to be home too.


onecollie said...

great pictures!
ok, that is the coolest dog kennel ever! I would even leave my boys there!, tell us more about it!

WigglyZack said...

It is great and is cheaper than Bogdans. $29.00 a night. They have laminate floors rather than concrete and an individual gravel run. There is only 10 kennels in the whole facility so you have to book ahead and they are pretty much full all the time. I would take Zack back there now I know he was safe and sound. First kennel experience over - so probably would do it again (if I have to).