Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Agility Update

Last night Zack and I had another agility class. It was so much fun and Zack seemed to enjoy every minute of it. We did our first set of 4 jumps in a row and Zack didn't run out once, he was amazing. He was quick too which didn't suprise me :) After that we did a bit of "teeter" work. It can be very scary for the dogs as it bangs and makes a hell of a din when the dogs jump on it or when the one side drops, so we start at the very beginning and get the dogs used to it on the low end. Zack was brilliant he just hopped up and it banged loudly but he didn't care and thought it was a great game. We did it several times and I rewarded him with treats at the bottom of the teeter each time. I am so glad he seems to be enjoying it. I can't wait to start working on the other equipment like the A-frame, tunnel and the chute. I am a little nervous about starting the high plank walk thingy tho (can't remember the proper name), I hope Zack will look where he is going. We shall see when we get to that point in our training. All in all, so far so good.

I can't not blog about this little Jack Russel in our class called Abby. She is tiny in stature but makes up for it in her demenour. She will do anything for her toy - absolutely possessed. She has this long weasely thing and as soon as she sees it she goes balistic, growling, screaming trying to kill it!! Albeit it works great for agility training and as a reward at the end her owner plays tug and swings little Abby around like a kite - then catches her in mid air. Too funny.

When little Abby was doing the four jumps I happen to be sitting behind the row and it was hilarious - she jumped each jump with such enthusiasm that as she went over the jump her little hind feet went skyward - like she was in a handstand. Seriously, I nearly peed my pants laughing. That dog could entertain a crowd tomorrow just by being "Abby". Adorable.

It was a great night with lots of fun and laughs. Can't wait for next week.

Only downside was being eaten alive by the millions of mosquitos of prehistoric proportions. Blimy!

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Sarah said...

You guys are doing great!!!