Saturday, August 28, 2010

We Did It!

OMG we did it!!!! 23.6 km round trip. As planned Zack and I set off this morning to do our "long walk" down and up the river valley and across the other side of the city to watch the Agility Trial. Both Zack and I had our back packs on, Zack carried his own treats and some poop bags while I packed the iced water, granola, rain coat, etc. I also wore my Garmin to keep track of my miles.

It was lovely and cool this morning which was perfect as I wouldn't have taken Zack if it was too hot. Once we got there it was great to see everyone having fun with their dogs and doing agility. Zack and I visited with friends and watched the dogs "do their thing" over the obstacles. It is so cool to see the beginner dogs and then the truly seasoned veterans. I have to mention my friend Jolene and her Rough Collie "Tate" rocked the course. He had a perfect round....way to go Tate!!!

Zack and I sat and watched the agility trial for a couple of hours giving us enough time to rest a bit before our long journey home.

On the way home we had to cross the river valley again and go through the coulees (hills). There are known to be snakes in the coulees but I have never seen any. On our way down I heard hissing, I panicked, stopped in my tracks looking around, it was then that I spotted the manhole drain cover and it was the water that was hissing. Do snakes hiss anyway?!! I am such friggin dork!!!!

Zack and I continued on and I must admit that by the time we were going back up the river valley on the way home I was starting to tire. That big long hill up the coulee seemed like it was 5 miles long although it was probably only 1. I just took one step after another and got there eventually ahahah I sweated like a weight watcher in a cake shop but made it. Zack still had enough energy to lope around with a labrador puppy and joust with a jack russell before we got back.

We made it anyway, my legs ache a bit and I have a sore toe. Zack seems no worse for wear but is a tired puppy. He got some extra treats when he got home and some ice cubes (his fave).

One of the reasons I got a border terrier is because they have that longer leg and have tremendous stamina for hikes, etc. Zack sure was a trooper and he was my best buddy today on our "long walk home".

I didn't take my camera with me today, but this is the BEFORE

and this is the AFTER

Bless him.

Zack and I have only just started learning agility, but you never know this time next year we might be doing the same agility trial. Although I think I will be driving there next time!!! ahahah


onecollie said...

Awww Lisa thanks!! The boys made me sooo proud today ! It was great to have you & Zack there to cheer us on!
Glad you made it home safe & sound, crikey that was a long walk !!
The pictures of Zack are priceless, he sure is a good boy!

marley said...

Yay for long walks. We love em. Well done mum, and well done Zack