Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Christening

Zack had not worn his new collar for more than 24 hours when I was taking pictures of him down at the river. I then realized what the hell he was rolling in - yes it was a lovely dead decaying fish. He had to christen his lovely new collar right away.

I then shouted at him and he took off doing the zoomies.....he thought that was great......

By the time he calmed down from his dashing about he was "encrusted" in fish even his hair dried all crispy.

Needless to say it took four baths to get rid of the fish smell from Zack's coat and his NEW COLLAR has had more than four washes and it still stinks!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey Zack!

I'm with you on getting that 'just bought store smell' off your new collar!
I have fun reading your blog. My peeps set one up for me too. You can see it at (see blog on top menu).

all the best,
Beatrice Chow

marley said...

Oh fanks my pal. That the best laff we ad in ages.