Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a Weekend

This weekend was the first Rally trial Zack and I had ever competed in. We had to qualify in three separate trials to get his Rally Novice Title. Zack took all the distractions of other dogs and the commotion in stride and qualified in 3 out of 3!!! I am so proud of him.

The first trial we qualified with an 86 out of 100, the second trial we got a 92 out of 100 and came out with a second place out of 23 dogs!! Awesome. I had to get a picture.

The third trial was on Sunday and I was really nervous about it. I didn't have to be as Zack got a 97 out of 100. I couldn't believe it. We tied for first place with two other dogs, a border collie and a giant Schnauzer. The final placings came down to who had the fastest time of the three tied dogs. Out of the three Zack was the slowest and came third but I was so stoked and excited about how he performed in that trial. He was so great. He now has his Rally Novice Title and is White's Wiggly Zack RN!!! Oh yeah, I had to get another picture LOL

It has been a long and tiring weekend and Zack is curled up "sleeping it off". He deserves a much needed break and I think tomorrow we are just going to chill and play whatever games he wants to. I love my dog!!! :)


Paws on the Run said...

Yay! Congrats to you and Zack. What a great team you must have been.

onecollie said...

I knew you guys would do it!!
AWESOME score!, LOVE the picture soooo much!!!
Now you tell me that you are not going to continue on to higher levels with that boy!, crikey!!

WigglyZack said...

The photographer had Zack sit lop sided so his leg would cover his "winkle" that was sticking out!! Zack chooses the worst time to show the world. Crikey. LOL ahahahah

onecollie said...

LOL!!! too funny!
Is that a new collar I see :))

Bodie said...

Wow Zack. Good On Yer Mate!!!

marley said...

Goodness me! So clever. All i ever did get was 7th place rosette for a cute puppy contest! I fink you gonna be world champion one day my pal

Kim said...


What a great first trial, especially considering how busy it was at that show. Go Zack!!