Thursday, August 26, 2010

River Walk

Every so often I take Zack for his evening walk off the beaten track and head down to the river valley for a change where I can let him off the lead for a run.

He loves the river but never likes to get much more than his feet wet and just paddles in the water.

But the sights, sounds and smells along the river are irresistable to him. He perks right up and gets in his "terrier" mode. Luckily no rolling in dead fish this time.

When we were heading back from our walk we met a little puppy who was such a similar colour to Zack - I just had to get a picture. I am such a sucker for puppies.

Tonight Zack and I are supposed to meet my friend Sharon for another walk at the river. Zack loves his Aunty Sharon. Poor Sharon tho is allergic to Zack's wiry fur and her arms itch and break out when she touches him, but she still can't resist Zack's wiggle and hugs and kisses are always exchanged.

1 comment:

marley said...

I agree pal, water is for ducks and not for terrierz