Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fingers Crossed

So far so good. In May of this year my old cat Cuddles (she is 14) was off her food and sick and after a few tests at the vets she was diagnosed with early kidney failure as well as having elevated liver enzymes. I was worried and concerned how long she might have and what quality of life she will have. Since May we have been very lucky she has been doing really well. The main thing is to keep her eating. She wouldn't eat the prescription diet but my vet told me to feed her what she likes so she gets 2 cans of fancy feast a day and is holding her own. Other than being a bit thin she acts normally and seems quite happy. The only treatment she is receiving is an appetite stimulant once in a while which seems to work so that is great.

I cherish every day with her now more than ever as I know eventually she will succumb to her disease which is so common in older cats. Fingers crossed she will live comfortably for a while yet.

Zack is really sweet to her and gives her kisses on her face (I wonder if he senses she is old and sickly?) and she in turn then grabs him by the throat with her 3 teeth and latches on. Zack loves it silly dog.


BODIE & GOO said...

Am sure they know if the other is sick. Ash the cat moved into my house with her Mum a year before my old German Shepherd died and the day he died she came and slept on my bed instead of her mums bed for the first and only time ever. Amazing.

onecollie said...

I hope your kitty will be with you for a long time...good boy Zack!