Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zack and the Garden

This spring we decided to do some landscaping in our backyard and put in a walkway. We removed the sod and my husband Pete did the rototilling.

We then put in some small trees and shrubs. At this point Zack did have a field day with the fluffly soil, even having the zoomies in it, oh boy!! I wondered whether, being a terrier, it would be a challenge to stop him from digging or playing in the flowerbed.

We then put in the flowers and luckily he has been great. Zack has not done any digging at all he has actually been my little helper in keeping the weeds down. Any new blades of grass that come up he tends to go in and chomp them down. He has on occasion gone and ate a bloom or two but I have to give him a break once in a while LOL!. Luckily I researched the plants I put in so I know they are not harmful to him.

Summer evenings Zack would rather sit back in the shade on the patio chair. What a life.


SheSpeaksBark said...

Cute! Looks like he's loving the new digs :)

onecollie said...

your garden is beautiful!

marley said...

That looks brilliunt my pal. I gonna se if we can comes for a visit...