Monday, January 24, 2011

Agility Lesson

Zack had a refresher on his agility lessons this weekend. It was lots of fun. There were three stations set up with a different instructor and we rotated so got to practice on all three which was so great. Zack had moments where he did really good and then moments where he did really bad. He tends to follow me rather than go straight and he missed the tunnel a couple of times, but he did do it in the end and I was pretty happy with him. My handling needs to improve and I wish I could find something that would motivate Zack a little better. I will have to work on that. I can't use all the really yummy goodies like weiners or rollover as it upsets his stomach and that is not something I want to screw up just for the sake of it, so I will have to ponder and may be trial and error as to what I use. All in all tho it was a great couple of hours. I sweated like a pig so I must remember next time just to wear a T shirt!!! LOL

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Kim said...

Have you thought of maybe home baking him treats he *can* eat? So much easier than trying to find something to buy for a pup with allergies or tunny issues. Mine get pumpkim or sweet potato treats I bake as a training treat. Or, maybe just a tug toy or his favorite throw toy as a reward instead of food? Hope you'll find something to help keep the extra joy in agility :)