Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Nights of Firsts

Monday night Zack and I had our next Rally class. It was our first attempt ever that we did the whole class "off leash" and I must say I was quite suprised how well Zack did. The first half of the class Zack was great. When heeling Zack actually had his head up and looked at me alot of the time right where he should be - I was super stoked. This is a first. We did 360 degree turns left and right, about turns,and stationary moves etc. etc. We did spirals and serpentines - it was great. At the end we had a set of signs (kind of like a mini course) and Zack was pretty good. I screwed up on one of the signs and had him sit when we should have continued forward LOL!!! The second half of the class Zack was also good but he had moments where he was unattentive, would lose focus and wander a little but then I would get him back and he would be great again. He is lots of fun to train although keeping his focus is a big obstacle. I try keep very upbeat and happy and probably sound like a right loony when I am training but I have to do what I have to do to keep Zack having fun.

Today anyway I am off work and Zack and I will be braving the 90km per hour winds for our walk. Lethbridge is under a wind warning. There is never a happy medium it is either the deep freeze and snow or the wind - I don't know what's worse!!! Blimy I can't wait for spring.....

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