Friday, January 21, 2011


Last Monday evening Zack and I started another rally class to get ready for our next level of rally obedience. My goal is to enter Zack into the trial at Medicine Hat at the end of May of this year. We shall see if we get there.

I haven't really done anything with Zack for a few months but he didn't seem to forget his stationary moves. His heeling does need work as I have to keep him up with me, especially as we have to move on to heeling off leash. It has always been a bit of a challenge and I must be patient and only reward him when he keeps up to me by my side. I have a bad habit of luring Zack along and I have to remember to keep my hand up and only reward him at the right time. There were new dogs in class and a couple Zack is familiar with from day care. Bailey the beagle was there and Zack of course lept on her to play as if they were in day care and got a reprimand from the instructor. I forgot no playing in class. My fault completely, but he is so cute how he loves his doggy friends.

Tomorrow morning we start our agility lessons again. Off I went to the pet store today and stocked up on all sorts of treats and goodies for class. Oh boy lots of dogs, lot of jumps, lot of treats - what more could he ask for. Can't wait.

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manymuddypaws said...

a reprimand? lol :) now I feel bad. Poor Zack. lol