Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowy Day

After enjoying a week of above freezing temperatures and snow melt, today we were back to -15 degrees with a heavy snowfall warning in place.

Zack was very pissed off that he had to wear his winter woolies again including those dreaded boots. However he soon forgot he had them on when we got to his favourite field where he can have a run. It was snowing pretty hard when we started down the trail.

Zack wasn't the only one with boots on today luckily I had my boots on too and as I was just walking along the snowy trail I heard a loud crack and down I went through a puddle under the snow that I couldn't see.

I regrouped and carried on down the trail when there was another crack and then the whole thing just collapsed including me!!! This is the hole I made!!! LOL.

Crikey, I looked around to see if anyone else saw me - it was quite comical really one minute I was up, the next I was down.....I swear if dogs laughed Zack was bent over in stitches laughing at me.... he had that look on his face - I just know he did LOL!!! Luckily the camera didn't get banged or wet. I continued on with our walk (off the actual trail this time) even though I was friggin freezing by that point as I just wanted Zack to have some fun and exercise.

Zack being Zack he kept on running and running and running. He makes every walk so enjoyable when it is so cold out...what we do for our dogs eh.

I have more photos of our outing in the snow and will post further blogs of our snowy day out.

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marley said...

Wow, you lookin like Usain Bolt in yer boots there my pal. Zooooooooommmmm