Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday's Walk

Even tho last weekend it was still -18 degrees both Zack and I bundled up and he was more than ready to be chauffeured to the field near my house so he could have a good run. He knows if we just go down the road he gets to sit in the front seat rather than in the back in his kennel.

Once we got there and got out of the car I had to get my gloves on, camera ready etc. and Zack was quite miffed that I was holding him up....

but once we got moving he didn't stop for about 30 minutes even with the cold temperatures and had a blast tearing around and putting on a show.

Zack does great impressions... A Pointer

A Whippet....okay, well he doesn't have the grace or speed of a whippet, but his moment of suspension in the air is pretty impressive LOL

A grizzly bear - my what long claws you have (crikey I think he is in need of a nail trim!!!)

An addict - yep sniffed too much of the white stuff leaving quite the powdery residue round the old schnozel.

Of course the Little Devil always makes an appearance.


Bodie & Mrs Magoo said...

Nice clear action photos. Maybe he is running so fast to keep his feet off the cold ground. I think if Bodie was stood in snow I would get treated to a dose of the hairy eyeball.

marley said...

Wow, you sure am a good fotograffer my pal. I might ave to tell typist he is sacked and employs you instead