Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dog Bite

Today's walk was definitely not boring. Pete and I took Zack down to Pavan Park so Zack could have a run and it was a beautiful day. We actually saw Zack's agility instructor on our way round and he said hello to her and her border collie, Neena.

On the way back round the other side of the park we saw some dogs ahead so we put Zack back on his lead as the path was narrow. Once we got closer the lady put her german shepherd and labrador on lead as well - except when we got there her dogs went ballistic and even on the lead they were pulling her over. My husband tried to move Zack out of the way and then the shepherd just lunged - I grabbed Zack and lifted him up and as I was doing so the shepherd bit me in the arm and ripped my coat open and got my elbow with his teeth. Thank god I was wearing my winter coat as it would have been alot worse if I had bare arms, but my coat was ruined.

I was a bit shook up and sore - but so glad Zack was not bit as I scooped him up just in time. If that dog had got hold of him it would have been nasty - I don't want to even think about it. If those to dogs were off lead OMG!!

The lady with the dogs really didn't say too much - I think she was shocked her dog bit me and Pete and I just walked away with Zack as quickly as we could.

Thank goodness Zack seemed oblivious to the whole event and just carried on happy as larry the rest of our walk back to the car.

Hopefully tomorrow's walk will be uneventful.


onecollie said...

oh Lisa that is horrible !!! That could have been really bad! I am so glad Zack is ok.
The shepherd should be reported ....seriously!
I hope you have an up to date tetanus shot.
Take care, ((hugs))

Sarah said...

UM YIKES!!!!!!