Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fisherman's Friend

Today Pete, Zack and I went fishing for the day at Pine Coulee Reservoir. Zacky knew where we were as soon as we arrived as he remembered there are gophers in the campground. He was scanning the fields intensely but no luck today - too bloody cold!!!

Zack was wondering what was taking so long to get to the lake.

The water was a little choppy today so we held onto Zack while the boat was moving

and bundled up in our neoprene winter woolies to keep warm

We thought we were going to get rained on from these spooky clouds but nothing came of it

Pine Coulee is the only place I know of where I get tired of catching fish. It is constant, one after another. As soon as you drop the line another fish bites. I actually had to take fishing breaks!!! LOL

Zack as usual is totally not amused by wiggling slimy fish ----- I hear ya Zack, I love fishing but hate touching the fish which can be a problem as we always catch and release .... ahahahah.

When Pete caught this monster Pike at the end of the day it was yep, you can handle that one honey!!! It was a great day other than being a bit chilly. Probably the last fishing for me and Zack for the season, but Pete is die hard and will be out again - probably next weekend!!

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marley said...

Is fishez not tasty Zack?