Sunday, October 16, 2011

He Made It

Yesterday Zack had a 2 hour evaluation and testing to become a Certified Pet Therapy Dog. There were several elements to the testing some of which was how he reacted to people banging walkers and canes, people in wheelchairs, being crowded in, walking through crowds, being manhandled (feet, mouth, toes, legs - everywhere) his social interaction with other dogs, his reaction to loud noises, and of course how friendly he is with people. Some of the testing was quite intense but I am glad to say Zack handled these situations really well and gave lots of kisses and he passed!!! Whoo hoo!!. I am so happy to say he is now a Certified Pet Therapy Dog.

We have an orientation to go through yet and Zack will be receiving a special vest he has to wear showing he is a therapy dog when we visit the residents and/or patients. I look forward to volunteering as I think it will be a very rewarding thing to do with Zack.


Paws on the Run said...

Awesome! Congrats. He'll be great at it.

Constance said...

Yay for Zack!

Sarah said...

COngrats Lisa!!! you will love it! and so will Zackie!

Bodie said...

Go Zack, yeah us BTs are more people dogs than dog dogs!!! Hope they give you loads a cake. Oops don't tell Mum!!!!

marley said...

Many congrats my pal. I fink you will be a star in your new job. Everyone loves a BT