Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Favourite Things

I love everything about Zack but if I had to narrow it down to three things they would be:

1. His Ears

The hair on his ears is so soft compared to the rest of his body and when he trots along they bounce and tap the side of his head in unison with his stride - it is so cute.

2. His Bum Whorls

He has had these curly Qs under his tail since he was a pup and still has them.

3. His Little Black Feet

All of Zack's pads are so black and are still as soft as a baby's bottom. Blimy, I could just squish him.


Bodie said...

1. Yeah and we love that the ears are designer black too. One of my ears flaps more n the other two cos its got a crease in it.
2. And when you have your winter coat on them bum rings is called 'smoke rings' when theys get all white n fluffy.
3. Settle down , don't squish im.

marley said...

He sure is a ansome boy. My ears dont match when they stick up. One goes out straight and the other hang a bit so I looks a bit of a doofuss. Is my only fault (despite what peeple do say)

lifewithmydogs said...

Those ears certainly do look soft, but I must admit... Those bum fur curls are pretty funny!