Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Howlaween!!!

Zack's Daycare held their annual Howlaween Party for the dogs on Saturday and it was so much fun.

There was so many cute costumes, Izzy the beagle came as a Banana Split

Rolo came as the mailman

Paisley was there too and looked beautiful with her new hairdo. She was so well behaved for a 7 month old pup!!!

There were lots of games for the dogs, musical mats, dunkin for wieners to name but of few. Zack actually won the obstacle course and got a new toy and the best of the best is that afterwards all the dogs costumes came off and they were allowed to all play together just like they do when they are in daycare. A big thank you goes out to Paws-on-the-Run Daycare and their staff!!!!


marley said...

Appy howloweeen Zack. I likes your costoom. I ope you had a nice day playin wiv your pals.

Paws on the Run said...

Great pictures Lisa!