Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I haven't felt like blogging or anything this past few days since Zack started to get sick last Friday. It has been awful to say the least. I am such a worrier and hate seeing any of my animals in any distress. For some reason Zack didn't seem to get over his latest bout with his painful belly and nausea very easily this time. He was very depressed and very lethargic.

We ended up again at the vets and left him for observation, tests and bloodwork. Luckily everything came back normal, but we were no further ahead. Diagnosis still upper IBD as Zack never gets diarrhea. He was given shots for his nausea and pain and I was able to bring him home on Monday night. We were warned the pain medication that he had been given also had a sedative in it and that the drug made Zack tremble and shake even though he was resting comfortably. It was hard to watch but at least I knew he wasn't feeling anything. Fat cat knew Zack was poorly and never left his side keeping an eye on him all the time. She was so adorably cute.

My vet said if Zack wasn't feeling better by today further tests, X-rays etc. were going to be done but luckily Zack is feeling much better today. He has eaten some food and been lots more alert and barking his head off so that is a good sign - never thought I would be so happy to hear him barking LOL!!

He has to stay on his meds for another week and not to over exert him for the next few days. My vet advised that the next time Zack even starts to change his eating patterns with his food I am to start him on his flagyl right away before he even starts to show signs of pain or anything. Blimy poor Zacky.

I am also going to have to stop him eating anything at all when he is off the lead in case the poops he eats occasionally are the cause of his problems. I will do anything to stop him from getting this pain and sickness. I hate the thought of him only having walks on the lead so I think I may have to look into getting a muzzle that way he won't be able to eat anything while I can still let him off leash. He is already on monthly treatment for parasites so I don't have to worry about that anyway.

I am still guarded about the next week or so as I know things can flare up again (hopefully not) but for now I can relax and give Zack lots of extra hugs and kisses.


charlene and Storm said...

oh poor zack glad he is feeling a bit better now and fingers crossed it doesnt happen again xxx that pic is so sweet of him next to the cat x

BODIE said...

Oh poor little guy. Yeah the muzzle for offlead sounds good plan. Pics with cat are soooooo cute.

lifewithmydogs said...

Poor Zack! His face says all that he's feeling.